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Oil Test Cell

• 3 terminal design • 50-70pF(K-800cm) nominal capacitance

10 KV Oil Cell

• Operating range 2 to 12kV for a stress of 200 to 1100V/mm • Cell capacitance -65pF nominal • The cell is suitable for use with Eltel models CST- 12KSA, ACTS-5k & ACTS- 12k test sets • Measurement at 10kV at ambient temperature only

Resistivity Meter

Resistivity meterRSM-500 is used for measuring the volume resistivity of transformer oil and other electrical insulating liquids. • Auto ranged from 109 to 1015 ohm cm • Test voltages: internally generated +500V DC

Oil Test Cell Heater

• Dry type heater for oil test cell • Temperature setting of 20º -110ºC auto cut-off • Quick heating (RF Induction) from inside & outside

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