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Relaying Current Transformer Analyser

  • Measures Ratio, Excitation Characteristics, Polarity, Winding Resistance, Remanance, and Insulation Resistance of secondary winding.
  • Determines Composite Error.
  • Used to test un-mounted CTs or CTs that are mounted but isolated inside the power system equipment.
  • Conducts a whole series of tests automatically, thus speeding up the time to commission CTs and relaying systems.
  • Battery powered test set - light weight & fully portable.
  • Provides a graphical presentation of the CT excitation characteristics.
  • Determines the IEC 10/50 knee point and the point of maximum permeability, ANSI 45 degree Slope Point.
  • Detects shorted turns or insulation problems within the test CT, thus avoiding commissioning of faulty equipment.

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