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  • Fully Automatic measurement.
  • Wide selection of Excitation Voltages of 10V, 40V, 100V, 230V & 250V from front panel.
  • 4V Excitation voltage provided for CT measurements
  • Ratio range of up to 5000; direct display of measured ratio.
  • No conversions required.
  • Automatic Jumper selecting as per the vector
  • Diagram of Transformer.
  • Automatic testing of all 3 phases in 3 phase transformers
  • Without manual intervention.
  • Displays % deviation from a nominal ratio.
  • External storage facility using pen drive.
  • Internal storage up to 10000 readings.
  • Touch screen 7” Color TFT display with backlighting with
  • Resolution of 800 X 480.
  • Tap changer facility.
  • Computer interface using RS-232 or USB.
  • Windows Interface software provided for data transfer.
  • USB printer interface.
  • Four terminal measurements to reduce errors due to
  • Winding and lead resistance.
  • Auto print and storage facility.Fast measurements.

Automatic Three Phase Transformer Ratio Meter

  • For automatic measurement of ratio & phase angle deviation
  • Digital presentation of ratio & phase angle deviation
  • Ratio range of 0.2 to 199.99 to 1 in three ranges
  • Automatic polarity indication
  • High accuracy and resolution Accessories: Range Extender 1:10

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